Starting on the left: Gail Garrett, Brian Tobin, Jim Lovejoy

Selectboard Members
Name Office Email Phone
Brian Tobin Selectboard Member, Acting Town Police Chief 413-528-3204
Jim Lovejoy Selectboard Member 413-528-1798
Gail Garrett Selectboard Member 413-528-9264
Town Officers
Gail Garrett Town Clerk 413-528-9264
Tom Furcht Chair: Finance Committee 528-4971
Mary King Austin Town Secretary, Co-Director COA 413-528-2839
Bob Bott Chair, Planning Board 528-9710
Bengt Granskog Conservation Commission, Building Inspector 854-3500
Lesliann Furcht Treasurer 528-4971
Judy Whitbeck Webmaster
Cory Hines Co-Director COA
Peter Beckwith Highway Foreman 528-2730
Johnathan Hoskins Highway 528-2730
Ellie Lovejoy Board of Health Agent 528-1798
Vickie Torrico Assessor
Dottie Bonbrake Tax Collector 413-528-2839
General Information

Jim Lovejoy
Gail Garrett
Brian Tobin

Town Clerk
Gail Garrett

Lesliann Furcht

Tax Collector
Dorothy Bonbrake

Jeb Rong
Tom Furcht
Vicki Torrico

School Committee
Lesliann Furcht
Elizabeth Kasevich
Gail Garrett

David O. Whitbeck

Planning Board
Bob Bott, Chair
Marie Cane
Morgan Bulkeley IV
Nancy Wright
Bill Short

Zoning Board of Appeals
John Alexander, Chair
Mack Waggaman
Ray Kasevich
Eleanor Tillinghast

Library Trustees
Margaret Q. Whitbeck, Chair
Elizabeth Kasevich
Mary King Austin

Morgan Bulkeley

Board of Health
Jim Lovejoy
Pat Pyle
Chris Ryan

Mount Washington Historical Commission
Margaret Whitbeck
Judy Whitbeck
Elizabeth Kasevich