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Mt. Washington Planning Board Meeting - Aug 24th
Posted on Tuesday, August 15 @ 22:54:40 EDT (5 reads)
There will be a meeting of the Mt. Washington Planning Board on Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 7:00 pm in Town Hall.

The agenda will include:

1. New proposed By-law for non-profit religious and educational camps.
2. Demolition permit for facilities on Mt. Darby.
3. Other matters which may come to the Board's attention.
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Mt Wash Historical Society - Sept. 5
Posted on Thursday, August 10 @ 20:48:34 EDT (4 reads)
Announcements Next meeting of the Mt Washington Historical Society, September 5 at 5:30 , town hall
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Selectboard Meeting Agenda - Aug. 14th
Posted on Thursday, August 10 @ 17:22:31 EDT (9 reads)
Announcements Agenda August 14, 2017
Selectboard Meeting

Payroll and Vendor Warrants

Letters to Senator Hinds, Representative Pignatelli, Mr. Ennen, Gov. Baker, Secretary Ash

Driveway Cut Application for Geneve Brossard and Pierre Chee - already approved by Pete Beckwith

Follow up on Emergency Management issues with Egremont

Follow up on building second shed

Any Broadband Issues

Any Highway Issues

Citizen Speak Time
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Board of Assessors Meeting Agenda - Aug. 22
Posted on Wednesday, August 09 @ 18:01:26 EDT (5 reads)
Announcements Notice: Board of Assessors Meeting
Tuesday August 22, 2017
5:30 pm at the Town Hall

1 mail
2 review work done by consultants
3 any other business that comes before the Board of Assessors

respectfully submitted,
Tom Furcht Board of Assessors
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Town Notice on Catering and Portable Toilets
Posted on Thursday, August 03 @ 10:31:07 EDT (10 reads)

Message to All from your local Board of Health Ė

We know that Summer and Fall are a popular time for catered events. We also know that it is important that you and your guests have the best possible experience and we are here to help.

Caterers are licensed in Massachusetts. If you are choosing to have an event catered, please understand that they must be licensed in the town where they prepare the food and they are required to notify the local Board of Health where they will be serving the food Ė whether they are providing the servers or simply supplying the food.

In Mount Washington, this is a simple and very inexpensive ($15.00 per event for non-resident caterers) process. Simply have the caterer notify the Board of Health by email and we will respond right away to make sure that they have their license in order. If they are not from Massachusetts, we will accept a license from New York or Connecticut without further documentation. We will make sure we have the appropriate contact information and that they understand their responsibilities to provide safe food.

If someone is not being paid to produce or provide the food, they do not need to be licensed. If you have a caterer who tells you that they donít need to register or that they donít need a license in their town, they are mis-informed. Any licensed and reputable caterer will not hesitate to contact us.

This is also a good time to remind you that, if you need to have portable toilets at an event, they also must be supplied by a licensed septic hauler and you will need to file with the Board of Health for a permit for their use. We recommend that portable toilets be used for large parties as your septic system will be seriously taxed by over use.

Questions?? Please contact us at ellielovejoy@townofmtwashington.com.

Thank you.

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Selectboard Meeting Agenda - July 31
Posted on Thursday, July 27 @ 16:48:25 EDT (29 reads)
Announcements Agenda July 31, 2017
Selectboard Meeting

Signing of Vendor and Payroll Warrants

3 sets of minutes June 19, July 5, July 17

Any Broadband Issues:
Follow up on police detail for broadband build-out

Letter of support for MassWorks Grant to resurface Creamery Road in Egremont

3500 Truck auction ongoing govdeals.com

Citizen Speak Time
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Conservation Commission Meetings
Posted on Thursday, July 13 @ 12:35:12 EDT (59 reads)
Announcements There will be a conservation commission meeting on Monday the 17th of July to review procedures with Dep circuit rider, Mark Stinson.
The conservation commission will meet on August 7 at 6:30 pm at town hall to continue the ongoing culvert work delays for the town of Mt Washington.
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